Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth, and one of the most widely used metals for practical applications. Welders and designers are so drawn to aluminum because it has a lot of properties that are desired in workable metal: it’s a lightweight metal that’s incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion. This workability has made aluminum a reliable metal for a variety of different applications, such as power lines, household appliances, window frames and even commercial ships!

Aluminum isn’t just one of the most abundant metals on Earth; it’s actually one of the most recycled metals on Earth, too! It ranks second on this list, with iron topping that ranking. At Anestis Metals, we have both the manpower and the equipment necessary to recycle all grades and quantities of this scrap metal. The most common grade of aluminum is referred to as “old sheet”.

Our scrap metal yard is located in Lawrence MA, and we have plenty of space to hold trucks and trailers. If you have a lot of metals to recycle, we can help with that, too! We offer pickup services to make carrying big loads of scrap metal a lot easier on you. You won’t just be doing yourself a favor; you’ll be doing the environment a favor, too!

Contact Anestis Metals For Aluminum Scrap Metal Recycling Services

It’s time to make the environment a better place! If you have any questions regarding aluminum recycling services for commercial pickups or residential drop-offs, don’t hesitate to give Anestis Metals a call! We can be reached at (978) 681-6000 or you can contact us directly via our contact form.

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