The cables that are regularly used for home appliances are incredibly powerful, but also very frail! For this reason, a lot of household appliances, computers and other technology use insulated wire as a part of their design. They are typically made with metals that are non-conductive, such as copper and aluminum. Given how useful metals like these can be, they are in very high demand!

Recycling your scrap metal isn’t just good for bringing in some money; you can also make a positive environmental impact. The more metals that we can recycle, the less of a need there will be to mine new ores. This is a process that can be devastating to the environment around it, so recycled metal is definitely the preferred option!

Of course, not all appliances are built to last forever. If you have an old appliance that you’re thinking about throwing away, you could be missing out on some serious cash! Instead, you should scrap it for insulated wire and bring it down to our scrap yard in Lawrence, MA. Anestis Metals accepts insulated wires as a part of the types of scrap metal we collect. We have affiliations with domestic and international consumers, so we’ll be able to pay you top dollar for any insulated wire that you’re able to bring in.

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