Light Iron Recycling & Salvage Yard in Lawrence MA

Light iron scrap metal

If you are looking for a place where you can sell your unwanted light iron, Anestis Metals is just the right place for you! We purchase unwanted light iron from both commercial and residential spaces throughout the greater Boston area. After contacting our metal recycling company in Lawrence MA, we will either schedule a pickup time or you can drop off your cast iron at our recycling facility. All light iron parts will be assessed, weighed, and priced accordingly. We pay in cash for your unwanted light iron!

What Is Light Iron?

Light iron is generally considered a white good, such as appliances, and other household items. Light Iron is normal very thin gauged steel that you can find in most household goods and small appliances. When you are really scrapping for light iron, you can easily tell the difference between light iron from steel.

Recycling Old & Used Light Iron

If you are interested in recycling your unwanted light iron scraps, take into consideration that the prices for light iron scraps vary. To avoid wasting your time, be sure to contact us first via phone or email to determine the right price value of your light iron scraps. No matter what light iron scraps you have gathered, from removals, tear outs, and appliances, you can take all of them to our recycling center and we’ll take it from there!

Why Choose Anestis Metals for Recycling Light Iron?

Here at Anestis Metals, we recycle cast iron as well as other ferrous and non-ferrous metals at our Lawrence MA recycling facility. Schedule a pickup today or stop by our recycling center. If you have questions feel free to call us directly at  (978) 681-6000

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