Scrap Metal Recycling In Manchester, NH

Manchester is a city in New Hampshire that has the highest population of people in the entire state. In such a big city, the opportunities for obtaining scrap metal are abundant. Our scrap yard is actually located in Lawrence, MA, but Anestis Metals has always been happy to help the people of Manchester turn their unwanted scrap metal into quick cash.

Our scrap metal yard is located right along the northern Massachusetts border, meaning that we’ve had no issue helping people with scrap metal deliveries and dumpster rental services. If your scrap metal haul is too much for you to take to the yard, our roll-off dumpsters will ensure that it gets off your property in quick fashion. 

Check out some of the types of scrap metal we can accept!

Recycling Scrap Metal Is Eco-Friendly

There’s a reason why we advertise ourselves as a scrap metal recycling company rather than a scrap metal drop-off. Improperly disposing of your scrap metal can lead to serious environmental consequences! Mainly, it attributes to the need for mining new ores. This can destroy environmental habitats and cause a huge disturbance to the wildlife in the area. Recycling scrap metal ensures that this need isn’t as necessary. 

Why Choose Us?

When you go to drop off your scrap metal, you’ll likely have one goal in mind: to get as big of a return for your scrap metal haul as possible. In order to achieve that goal, you’ll need to choose a scrap metal company that offers the most competitive prices on the market. In Massachusetts, look no further than Anestis Metals! We always offer a great price for your metals and ensure that you have a reduced carbon footprint. To get some quick cash and help the environment, bring your scrap metal to our yard in Lawrence today!

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