Nickel is one of the oldest used metals on Earth. There are artifacts dating all the way back to ancient civilizations that contained nickel, from weapons to currency. There’s a reason why it has seen so much use; nickel is incredibly versatile, able to make alloys with a wide variety of different metals. Nickel-based alloys, like many other alloys, are superior in their resistance to corrosion and heat, making them incredibly useful in many applications. They also boast superior strength when compared with many base metals.

You can typically find nickel-based alloys in gas and steam turbines, in addition to a lot of common equipment that gets used in medical applications. Regardless of where you find nickel-based alloys, we will be happy to take them off of your hands. We’ll analyze each piece of equipment using our analyzing materials to determine what each piece is worth, and give you competitive prices for each one. 

Because of its wide variety of uses, nickel based alloys are worth a lot of money! They are also in high demand, so the more nickel-based alloys we can recycle, the better. The environmental impact from mining new ores can be significant, so we always recycle the metal that gets sent our way. If you have equipment that contains nickel-based alloys, take it to our scrap yard in Lawrence, MA! We also do commercial pickups for jobs that take a lot more manpower. 

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