New Hampshire is a state in the northeastern region of New England. New Hampshire is the fifth smallest, and the ninth least populous state in the United States. It is names after the southern English county of Hampshire.

Here at Anestis Metals, we recycle scrap metals from business owners and homeowners of New Hampshire. We recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In exchange for your unwanted metal, we will pay cash!

That’s right, when you recycle your scrap metal, we will pay you cash in exchange! Based on the amount and quality of your metal will determine how much money you will receive! Whether you’re an electrician, contractor, or a homeowner cleaning out their house, come on down to our scrap metal yard!

Also ask about our pickup services! We have trucks that will come to your, and recycle your unwanted metals! For more information on the types of metals we recycle, please give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3406.

Here is a list of the towns and cities where we have recently purchased scrap metal from:

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