Since moving our scrap yard to Lawrence MA, Anestis Metals has helped both residents and business owners from Haverhill MA recycle their unwanted metal; Haverhill MA is a city in Essex County and has a population of just about 60,000.

Recycling scrap metal is great for the environment; just like recycling paper and plastic, recycling metal is part of the “go green” campaign. Reusing metal, especially iron and aluminum will help the nation as a whole preserve much needed natural resources!

We recycle metal from both craftsmen and residents; most residents don’t understand just how many old items in their possession that contains recyclable metal! The two biggest items are old appliances and junk cars; most of these items contain a lot of reusable metal that they can recycle with us and receive cash for their troubles.

Recent craftsmen we have helped recycle unwanted metal include: contractors, architects, electricians, and plumbers. Instead of throwing out leftover pieces of metal, craftsmen have begun to realize the benefit of recycling metal with us; not only are they helping the environment but they are also getting paid of it!

That’s right, in exchange for your unwanted metal, we will pay you cash based on the quantity and quality of your metals!

For more information about our scrap metal recycling services, please give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405. We will help create a better, more green environment!

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