As you may or may not have heard, Anestis Metals has moved locations from Somerville MA to Lawrence MA; since the move we have helped many customers from Lowell MA with all of their scrap metal recycling needs! Lowell is a city in Middlesex County, and is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts.

Upon making the move, we have helped both residents and craftsmen recycle their unwanted metal. When we recycle metal, after evaluating the quality and quantity of the metal, we will pay cash. If the customer likes the offer, they will take the cash and we will recycle their metal; it’s as easy as that!

Recycling metal, just like recycling plastic and paper, is great for the environment! So, next time, instead of throwing away your unwanted metal, come down to our scrap yard in Lawrence MA! You aren’t only helping to create a better and more “green” environment but you’re also making money while doing it!

Most homeowners don’t understand just how many old items they have that are recyclable metals; two big ones are old car parts and appliances; instead of just junking these items, let us inspect them first, some parts might be recyclable and might be worth a lot of money!

We also have a lot of customers who are either contractors, electricians, plumbers, architects, or some type of craftsmen, who are trying to get rid of their old metal. It makes sense to recycle these metals instead of throwing them out, because you get paid! You get paid to make the environment a better place!

If you have any questions about what we accept, click here, or feel free to give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405. Let’s make the environment a better place, one scrap metal at a time!

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