North Andover MA is a town in Essex County and has a population of just about 28,000; since moving our scrap metal yard to Lawrence MA, we have recycled and paid cash for scrap metals from clients in North Andover.

What exactly is scrap metal? These are metals that people aren’t really using; they are usually iron, copper, aluminum, brass, or nickel. A lot of our clients are contractors, electricians, plumbers, and architects, who have a lot of metal leftover after a project is completed.

But just because you’re not a craftsmen, doesn’t mean you don’t have or can’t sell any scrap metal to us! There are so many items in your home that contain metals we pay cash for; these items can range from old appliances, like washer and refrigerators, or maybe even a junk car!

We will pay cash for any metal you want to sell to us; click here to see some examples of metals we accept at our scrap yard!

We are looking forward to helping you get rid of your unwanted metal, and paying you straight cash for them! If you have any questions about our location or services, please give Anestis Metal a call at 617-666-3405.

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