Pelham NH is a town in Hillsborough County and has a population of just about 12,000; having our scrap yard in Lawrence MA, allows us to purchase and recycle scrap metal from contractors and residents of Pelham and other New Hampshire towns/cities.

How does our service work? It’s pretty simple; customers come to our scrap yard with their unwanted metal, we will inspect the metal, and based on the quality, we will pay cash. The metal we purchase will be recycled and reused, helping to make the environment a better, greener place.

What are some of the more common metals we recycle? The most common metals include:

We help both business owners and residents of New Hampshire recycle their unwanted scrap metal. Residents don’t realize how many times they throw out precious metals that could have been recycled! Two of the most common items that contain recyclable metal are cars and appliances; most times people will junk their car, and toss out their old, broken appliances. We are here to tell you that you can make some extra cash by recycling these items with us!

Business owners range from contractors, to plumbers and electricians, all the way up to architects. After a project there is always a surplus of scrap metal left over; instead of tossing it out, make some extra cash and recycling it with us!

It’s time to jump on the “Go Green” campaign, and make the environment a better place; like recycling paper and plastic, recycling metal can help improve the environment. Do you part, and get paid doing it!

For more information about our scrap metal recycling services, please give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405.

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