Plaistow NH has a population of just about 8,000, and is located in Rockingham County; though our scrap yard is based in Lawrence MA, we always accept and recycle metal from New Hampshire customers!

Our yard was in Somerville MA, but since our move to Lawrence, we are able to help customers from the northern state with their metal needs. How does our service work?

Our service is pretty straight forward; we have our clients come to our scrap yard, we inspect the metal, we pay cash based on the quality of the metal, and then we recycle the metal. All you have to do is gather up the metal and bring them to our scrap yard, and get paid cash!

Some of the different types of metal we recycle include:

Recycling metal really helps with this country’s attempt to “go green.” Just like recycling plastic and paper, recycling metal can help improve the environment; it also puts money in your pocket, so why not just do it?!

We recycle metal from both business owners and residents of Plaistow NH; residents have more scrap metal than they know! Most of them unknowingly throw these precious metals away! Two of the most common household items that contain lots of metal parts are cars and appliances! Instead of throwing out that old appliance or junking that car, bring it down to our scrap yard! Or if it’s too big to carry, we can pick it up for you! Don’t miss you chance to make some extra cash!

We also recycle metal from business owners; these people usually range from contractors, electricians, architects, and plumbers. After a project, there is always so much leftover metal that always gets thrown out! Instead of throwing this metal away, we encourage people to bring it to our scrap yard, have it recycled, make the environment a better place, and make some cash!

We are looking forward to helping you make some extra cash, and helping with the “go green” campaign! For more information about our recycling services, please give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405.

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