Salem NH is a town in Rockingham County, and has a population of just about 28,000; though our scrap metal yard is located in Lawrence MA, we have helped customers from Salem recycle their wanted metal.

Upon moving our scrap yard to Lawrence, we are located in an area that allows us to serve customers from all over New Hampshire. In short, our service includes, purchasing clients’ unwanted metal and recycling them at our yard. If you have a lot of metal, or if you’re recycling a car or large appliance, we will come to your location and ship them to our yard ourselves.

What are some of the top metals we recycle? The list goes on and on, but the majority of metals include:

We help both business owners and residents of Salem NH recycle their metals. More commonly than not, people don’t realize the worth of the metals or products they are throwing out instead of recycling them with us. As a homeowner, the most common possession you own that contains precious metals, are your junk car and old appliances.

Business owners make up the majority of our clientele (we always encourage others to recycle too), at the end of a project, they have huge amounts of recyclable scrap metal left over. Some of the more common customers include: electricians, plumbers, contractors and architects.

Why throw away metal, when we will pay you cash? Recycling metal not only puts extra cash in your pockets, but it also helps make the environment a better place! It is a step in the right direction towards a greener world! Do your part by recycling your unwanted metal!

For more information about our recycling services, please give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405.

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