Scrap Metal Service In Topsfield, Massachusetts

Topsfield is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States, on the Merrimack River. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 6,000. The population has steadily risen to 7,500. Towns near Topsfield are Salem, Boxford, Danvers and Ipswich. Topsfield is 22 miles Northwest of Boston. Topsfield was a town on the committee to halt the British rule over the colonies before the revolution kicked off.

Anestis Metals is excited to help the residents of Topsfield with a variety of scrap metal recycling needs!  We have helped both residents and craftsmen recycle their unwanted metal for quick and easy cash. Working with us is efficient and easy as ever. 

Commercial Scrap Metal Dumpsters Rentals in Topsfield, MA

Our scrap metal dumpsters are an excellent choice for industrial and commercial remodeling, or any demolition projects that are in Topsfield, office clean-outs, roofing, exterior remodeling contractors and landscaping companies. Contact us to learn more about our commercial dumpster rentals

Residential Scrap Metal Drop Off Services for Topsfield Residents

Property owners frequently are unaware of the cash value that many of their old scraps possess. For example. car parts and appliances are recyclable metals that are worth money. Before you throw them out, give us a call and let us take a look at them. You'd be shocked how much money you can make.

Your home has items that we pay cash for; these items are  old appliances; like washer and refrigerators, or a junk car! Have questions about the process? Contact us for answers!

Recycling metal is great for the environment! You're helping out Earth and making money when visiting Anestis Metals, before you throw anything away, come down to our scrap yard in Lawrence MA! Going green is becoming increasingly important and you can be part of the change. 

Anestis Metals have customers who are either contractors, electricians, plumbers, architects, or craftsmen, who are trying to get rid of their old metal. If you are any one of these professions, chances are you can make money with material you possess. We love to build relationships with other industries and go green in the process.

Scrap Metal That We Accept

If you have any questions about what we accept, visit our materials page here. Together we can make Earth a better place. 

Get Quick Cash for Your Scrap Metal in Topsfield, MA

When we recycle metal, after evaluating the quality and quantity of the metal, we will pay you cash ON THE SPOT. If the customer likes the offer, they will take the cash and we will recycle their metal; it’s as easy as that!

Questions on Dumpster Rental Rates or Residential Drop off times? Contact Anestis Metal at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form if you have any questions regarding our services!

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