Structural Steel Recycling & Salvage Yard in Lawrence MA

Anestis Metals has been purchasing structural steel & scraps for cash for over 80 years. We make steel recycling easy for our customers by providing both a drop off steel salvage location in Lawrence as well as offer scrap metal pickup services. We have the capabilities of picking up a large or small quantity of structural steel, or it can be dropped off directly -- whichever you prefer.

What Is Structural Steel?

Structural steel is an ideal construction material when it comes to creating the framework of a building. the fact that it is made from high recycled content makes it ideal for the environment, and scrap!

Common Styles Of Structural Steel

Did you know that we can recycle a large variety of structural steel for cash? Anestis Metals accepts the following steel beams:

  • I-beam
  • Universal Beams (UB) and Universal Columns (UC)
  • Wide Flange 
  • Z-Shape
  • HSS-Shape
  • Square, Rectangular, Circular (pipe) and Elliptical cross sections)
  • Angle (L-shaped cross-section)
  • Structural channel, or C-beam, or C cross-section
  • Tee (T-shaped cross-section)
  • Rail profile (asymmetrical I-beam)
    • Railway rail
    • Vignoles rail
    • Flanged T rail
    • Grooved rail

Why Choose Anestis Metals for Recycling Structural Steel

Anestis Metals gives you cash on the spot for any steel scrap metal. Whether it's a ferrous or non-ferrous metal, in great condition or in poor condition, we will assess it's current value based on the industry market and give you the cash you deserve for your salvaged steel parts. Contact us Today!


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