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Ferrous Metals



Types of Metal Our Scrap Metal Recycling Company Buys

    Ferrous Metals:
    Cast Iron
    Light Iron
    White Goods
    Car Parts
    Structural Steel
    Galvanized Sheet Metal


          Items We Do Not Accept

          • Machinery or auto parts containing fluids of any type
          • Air conditioners, refrigerators must be purged of Freon
          • Any items containing P.C.B.’s ,  Wet Transformers, Ballast or Capacitors
          • Waste, Rubbish, Tires or Steel Cable
          • Any Closed Containers, Gas Tanks, Propane Tanks, Freon Tanks, Acetylene Tanks, Oxygen Tanks,  Empty Barrels with Heads
          • Any Items we consider to be hazadorus

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